Paranormal Lectures / Events  (Public)

Lectures and Events can consist of 60+ minute lecture and slideshow on general paranormal information, investigation “how to”, advanced paranormal research and more.  Our lectures can be customized to fit the level and topics needed you’re your event.  Investigation events can be added to the lecture series to include paranormal investigation/education at a haunted location after conclusion of a lecture.

Paranormal Education Classes

We offer a range of paranormal classes from Paranormal Basics to Advanced Paranormal Investigations.  These classes can range from 2 hours to full day instruction with a veteran instructor.

Private Paranormal Investigation Sessions

For those interested in learning and participating in a private (non public event) paranormal investigation, we can arrange for parties up to 10 participants to work closely with our team of instructors and participate / conduct a paranormal investigation at a haunted location.

Ghost Tours

For the History buff and paranormal enthusiast, NC Paraventures presents Charlotte Ghost Tours who offers both walking and bus tours showcasing haunted and historic locales throughout the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area.

Paranormal Themed Corporate Retreats / Team Building Workshops'

For corporate clients, we offer a range of paranormal themed retreat and team building workshops that are fun and informative.  We can customize or education and incorporate your organization’s message into our program.

NC Paraventures is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Standard services are provided with 100 miles of Charlotte, NC without additional cost.  Service requests outside of our base area may include travel, accommodation and additional service fees.   Contact us for a specialized quote for your event.